So Impressed

“I’ve used this company three times and have never been so impressed by a car service. Hazem was my driver – he took me from the airport to a nearby hotel during the post-Super Bowl snowstorm during which the roads had not been plowed very well. He had finished his shift but agreed to add one more fare to help me out. He then helped connect me to another driver the next day, when the roads still hadn’t been clear and I decided to use car service rather than a rental car. The experience was so good that I kept the card in case I ever needed them again, and am so glad I disk. Several months later, I called Hazem in a panic about unexpected traffic delays jeopardizing my ability to reach my destination on time. He took the time to reroute me through downtown Hartford, staying on the phone with me the whole time to walk me through each turn. Talk about going above and beyond the call of the duty! I can’t recommend these guys enough.”

- Kelly R.