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“This service was absolutely phenomenal! I had been traveling all night, so when I arrived at BDL to then be driven out to Storrs, I needed a reliable taxi service. After seeing so many bad reviews for all of the usual taxi services (i.e. Yellow Cab, Metro Taxi), I found the yelp reviews for this company (which were stellar) and decided to give them a shot. I emailed them to get a quote and to confirm my reservation, and the turnaround time was within minutes with a real person answering my questions (rather than corporate boilerplate)! While I was supposed to call them when my plane landed, they called me before I even had a chance (and my flight was about 20 minutes early). Once I had collected my luggage and got outside, the car pulled up within a minute, the driver loaded all of my luggage into the car and off we went to Storrs. He also handed me a bottle of water, which I was super grateful for as I was quite dehydrated from my flights since I was trying to sleep on the planes and so missed drinks services. The driver was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area, and got me to my house in Storrs in great time. He also helped me with my 3 pieces of somewhat heavy luggage up a flight of stairs to the door. Another great thing is that this company takes credit cards, so I didn’t have to travel with a bunch of cash on me in order to pay the driver. In a nutshell, this was a great experience! I would highly recommend them and I am keeping their information on file for when I need a reliable taxi service again."

Jessica M.
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